Made in Russia

Welcome at Artstamp

We are a company for dies, tools and moulds in Novosibirsk un Russia.

If the production of tools and moulds is an art, than for a company it is a quite larger challenge to find experienced staff and to bind them into the company structure. It needed a lot of time and the authority of the punching machine manufacturer ORTO to reach this target.

Our staff is playing on their machines like on a piano creating punching dies for all kinds of contours on paper, plastic and leather.

The tradition of old craftsmanship in connection with modern machines creates the tools for modern packaging, done on blowing machines

To be nearer to the customer we opened an office in Moscow. Due to the increasing demand for our products we have and we will extend our production possibilities all the time.

To secure and to develop our success we work very hard for you - our customer..

We are happy again and agian when the art of metalworking is mirrored within the sharp grindes edges of the ready tool.

Your Artstamp Team

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