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Deliveries - Different Ways

Artstamp delivers into the whole world!
Or better let's say that we want to deliver to the whole world. Due to the very good quality/price ratio our products meat with the ready market. We deliver already to Asia and Europe and due to the close cooperation with the punching machine manufatcurer ORTO LTD we will reach the remaining continents soon.

There still stroies out about the bad Russian quality and the unraliability of the Russian manufacturers. But the modern Russia has rappidly changed and is a totaly different country nowadays. Russian engineers have always been good, a trip into the space would not be possible with them, and now have the possibility to develop their skills without limitations. That we do at Artstamp as well. Therefore this stories are what stroies normally are, just stories, which insistent on the market but don't become true through that.

When all the matters of an order are cleared with a customer we deliver, if neccessary, within one working day. We manufacture and pack carefully and than bring the product on it's way to the customer. There are several means of transport and the customer can choose which one he wants and we will follow his instructions.

Our prices are EXW Berdsk and the delivery costs are paid by the customer. For export we deliver also FCA. We supply in this case all the neccessary export papers to hold the foreign customer free from this paperwork.

We have the folling possibilities to deliver and the customer can choose his best one out this:.

The Russian Post is an other part of stories. In real it is a very modern company with a planning wide in the future. If you see the size of the country the Russian Post is speedy as well. The delivery time in Russia depends of the destination.

The delivery time to Europe is about 5-6 weeks. We recommend for delivery outside Russia always air parcel.

On of our staff will deliver the parcel direct to the post office and we will inform you about the deatils than.
Air Parcel
If the delivery with the post needs more speed than it should go by air parcel. This within Russia as well as for foreign deliveries. The delivery time in Russia depends on the destination.

The delivery time to Europe is about 2-3 weeks.
On of our staff will deliver the parcel direct to the post office and we will inform you about the deatils than.
Courier Service
In Novosibirsk, a city with about 1,5 Millionen inhabitans and a lot of industry and trade, of course you find all the courier service companies, the Russian ones and that ones from abroad.. This mean of transportation is very fast but they are not so cost effective.

We deliver direct to the relavant courier service and inform the custimer than about the details.

The delivery time in Russia depends on the destination and to Europe it is about 4 days. services from abroard fly the goods via Moscow to their hub in the destination continent.
This is a very reliable and populat transportation mean in Russia. The Russian railway is well known for their punctuality. Each train has a lugagge comparment and they collect there the goods for transport.

We reconcile with our customer the departure and arrival time of the train and he will pick up his goods direct at the train.
Russia is a very large country and beside railway forwarder supply a very important means of transportation, the truck. This kind of tranport is very cost effective but may need a long time due to the large distances.
The delivery time within Russia depends of the distance, a delivery to Europe needs aprox. 10-14 days.

We deliver direct to the forwarder, including export documents for foreign deliveries and inform our customer than about planned arrival times and contacts to the forwarder in his country.
Air Freight
Nowosibirsk with the airport Tolmatschevo is a hub for air freight from Europe to Asia and back. Here are all possibilities to transport air freight very fast. The delivery to Europe needs 2-3 days from the time, the goods where handled to the freight agent.

One from our staff will deliver the goods direct to the air port and we will inform you about the datails as air line, flight number and arrival time at the destination airport. You can pick up the goods than yourself or inform your agent to do that.
If you need a delivery around Novosibirsk, than we are happy to deliver direct. We will inform you about the expenses in advance.

We want, that you are satisfied.

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