Made in Russia

Processing of Orders

Please send orders in writing via WebMail, eMail or Fax. That avoids missunderstandings which can occur with verbal orders.

Clearing and Settlement of an Order
We clear with the customer all the matters aboput the contour and how the order shall be proceeded. Than we send a quotation to the customer with an exact delivery date.

After receiving the order we proceed as follows:

Delivery based on a Contract
If the customer has signed a contract with us we will start immediately with the production.
We expect our invoice to be paid within 5 banking days after reception.
We deliver after production as agreed.

Delivery after Payment in Advane
After receiving he order we wait for the payment and than start production. The customer speed up the process by sending us a bank confirmed copy of the payment transaction.
We deliver after production and reception of the payment as agreed.

To proceed with the order we need the following information:

File Format
If the customer sends files we need them in one of the following formats: dwg, dfx, cdr, ai, eps, pdf or he sends a drawing on paper.
Very important is the exact dimensioning of the contour. If tolerances are not mentioned we design with the standard tolerances.

We use HSS steal for our punching knifes. To secure the longvity of our tools we need detailled information about the used material, preferable samples. If we don´t have this information we manufacture for 80 gr/m² paper.

Manufacturer Details
We have stored in our database the parameter of punching dies for the punching machines of several makers.
But it often happens that the manufacturer changed his desig or that the customer changed something. In that case we need additional information.

That sounds complicated but it isn't. We just want that the ustomer exactly gets that die or mould what he wants.

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